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New arrival at our house March 3, 2011

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Received my new chair and snapped a few pics in honor of the occasion.


A large box labelled Ti. The box is sitting outside a doorway.

It arrives

Not my most artistic shot- but it is what it is.






Bare tree limbs against a bright blue sky

Spring Waits

This tree always reminds me of a Pomeranian’s tail. All poofy and spry.








A contrail through bare tree limbs

Contrail ahoy!

I love watching contrails form- they don’t make great shots very often though.







A pair of shoes (with feet inside) rest on a sidewalk

Just a little rest

I have an odd fondness for taking these sorts of shots.

It’s probably because I rarely get to appreciate being on my feet long. It’s a sense of pride that I was able to take the shot at all.

Beyond that, it’s not a bad shot. I have to thank God for that crack in the sidewalk though- shot would’ve been bland without it.







A tuxedo cat resting on a wheelchair

A cat in it's natural habitat- a horizontal surface.

Again, not the most artistic shot- but I mean c’mon- lookit that face!


Houseshoot February 17, 2011

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Waiting for my wheels so I can get out of the house. Rather than curse the wait- let’s shine a lens on the house until it arrives.  This week- the pics are coming from inside the house!



a splatter of paint on a brick wall

Past painting disasters




Next up- roaming beavers in the plants. Wildlife from the inside!


beaver ornament in potted plant dirt

A beaver in close to his natural habitat





pink begonia blooms

Early blooms cometh!





Another shot of my suncatcher collection. I’m tired of the sparrow trend- but I love this suncatcher; even on days where there’s no sun.


A suncatcher of a blue sparrow

Always in Flight






I really love macro. I also apparently love crusty stovetops.

Who knew?


Close up shot of a gas stove burner

Gas burner- revisited






ceramic toothbrush holder

TOOLS: they're there for you.





That’s no pest! That’s my subject!


A fly seen through a shower curtain

Flies- pretty good models actually.




Random bathroom crap?

Nope, still life. Sudsy sudsy still life.


A metal shelf with baskets containing shampoo

Bathroom clutter into a picture of bathroom clutter.


That’s all for now. More shoots to come.


Freeze and Thaw February 11, 2011

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Long time no update- man, I hate those kinds of posts! So I’ll skip that and head right back to the pics. Heh.


A closeup of a houseplant. Snow is visibile outside the window.

Snow and more snow- yet something still blooms in the home

This sort of shot poses many problems- but it’s totally worth it in the end.  I *almost* opened up the window to remove the fuzzy screen feeling. In the end I figured frostbite wasn’t worth the perfect shot.

This time.

Next time- once NatGeo comes calling- I’ll go ahead and open up that window.




A room with a blue couch and a chair. The light is very low and fuzzy.

A quiet room in study

I shouldn’t love this pic as much as I do. It’s not my skill- that’s for certain.

Not my horrible housecleaning skills- those aren’t it either.

This is one of those pics that the light makes it. Even if the windows were closed- there’s this certain light that just screams ‘There’s snow outside causing this’. I call it snowlight; I’m sure there’s a real term for it out there. I don’t know what it’s called- but it makes me want to grab a blanket and some cocoa. The light in combo with the blue walls really brings this one home to me.






A view of the sunset in a car's rearview mirror

Object's Behind You

This, obviously cell cam, pic turned out a lot better than I thought it would. The light was great about three seconds before I got this shot.

Lousy cell cam setting buttons. Arghhhhh (and other sounds of distress)







A grey tabby sleeps. One paw is under it's head

Aaand We're Out

This was shot with my PAC and came out better in macro than I thought it would. Very good shot- the only one I have of Monkey being still enough for a low light pic.

Saying that’s a rare thing doesn’t begin to describe it. He’s a little speed demon.

I’m hoping my new camera-  yay, thanks hubby!- will take even better macro shots. Especially since I’d hate to have to start buying macro lenses.

It’s cheaper to buy a kidney.



I’ve got some things in the works for new pics- very excited about them. Hope to keep the blog up to date a bit more now, so fingers crossed on that one.


Home in the Tree House May 26, 2010

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A quick slide show to test out the new blog.  Thank you for bearing with us!

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Catch up two- Electric Boogaloo

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Part Two- Spring Pics 


Catch up- Winter Pics May 25, 2010

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 I’m going to use this first post to put up a few pictures I’ve taken from the past year or so that I really enjoy.
I may do another few posts like this just to get the blog up and going- let’s see where this leads, eh?
A gorgeous quiet sunrise in the Winter.

The Winter view through a sun catcher.

A stormy evening over Cincinnati. 

Barefoot in the Spring rain.

Technology at dusk. Who says cities aren’t beautiful?

Beautiful Old Louisville. It is actually this beautiful-worth the trip in the Spring and Fall.

And we end with another Kentucky sunrise.
I know they call Montana Big Sky Country, yet I think Kentucky comes a close second.